New Kirby and the Forgotten Land trailer reveals 25 March release

Yesterday (12 December) was all about Kirby! Nintendo not only released a special tweet confirming that this year was the 30th anniversary of the pink fluff ball’s series (and there’s even a celebratory wallpaper you can download from their website here) but apparently we can expect some more #Kirby30 news coming soon. The first bit of news is probably the trailer that dropped hours later for the upcoming Kirby and the Forgotten Land which you can watch here:

Not only did the trailer confirm that this will be a full-on 3D platforming adventure, but Kirby’s trademark copying abilities will also be taking centre stage and we’ll even be able to play the game in (at least?) 2 player co-op. Of course, the big reveal was that the game will be here pretty soon on 25 March 2022!

I wouldn’t say I’m the biggest Kirby fan. However, the big strange open-world, Kirby’s unique abilities and the fun, friendly look of the gameplay looks great and, personally, I can’t wait!


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