New videos show off Kirby’s mouthful mode

February 13, 2022

Last week during Nintendo’s Direct there were several big announcements featuring multiple brand new games and a few unexpected remakes/returns. So, you’d be forgiven for forgetting that we also got another big glimpse at Kirby And The Forgotten Land. I simply love platformers in all forms, but I have a big soft spot for cartoony 3D platformers. And so, I’ve got to admit that Kirby’s new outing is looking right down my alley and I am very excited about it. During the Direct, Kirby’s new ‘mouthful mode’ was revealed and thankfully since then, Karby (the pink puffball’s mouthful of car transformation) has already become a bit of a meme sensation…

This new mode will actually work a little differently from Kirby’s inhaled copy abilities and we got a glimpse of some of the other items Kirby will partially ingest (car, orange cone, light bulb, vending machine, glider) as well the skills that those items will endow Kirby with and how these will affect gameplay. However, they appeared and disappeared pretty quickly during the quick Direct sequence. Thankfully, over the weekend the official Kirby site in Japan added some new videos showcasing the mode (A big thanks to @Stealth40k for the tip). We’ve included the 7 videos in the playlist below. If anything I’m even more excited considering how well designed and joyful the levels and gameplay are looking.

February 13, 2022

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