Nintendo ‘acquires’ more land next to their Japan HQ

April 12, 2022

While the other big console makers’ acquisition news is all about what big indie developer will soon become an internal studio – Nintendo’s latest announcement is a little different. As per a news release earlier today (12 April 2022), Nintendo has acquired a big section of land adjacent to their current headquarters in Japan. The size of the plot of land is 10,028.55㎡ for the equivalent of just over R580 000 000. The new building is due to have a floor area of approximately 38,000㎡.

According to the news release…

Along with the R&D investments and capital investments, Nintendo believes acquiring and utilizing this land will carry an important role on reinforcing its R&D.

Nintendo Japan’s current HQ is a pretty plain-looking rectangular building and the images we’ve seen so far is looking like it will be much the same. However, if they keep producing the same magic inside – I’m all for the expansion!

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April 12, 2022

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