Former NOA President, Reggie Fils-Aimé, has a book coming in May

February 3, 2022

For those of us that love video games, it’s often fun to dig a little deeper and learn about how our favourite games are made or about the people that work behind the scenes to make them. And that’s where great video game books come in. As a Nintendo fan, the now well-known Japanese leaders and creators like Shigeru Miyamoto, Satoru Iwata, Gunpei Yokoi, Yoshiaki Koizumi are always my first picks to learn about. However, it’s hard to argue about what a positive input the charismatic face (and ex-President) of Nintendo of America, Reggie Fils-Aimé, has had on the company we know and love today. And soon, you’ll be able to read about his time at the NOA helm…

Reggie – Disrupting The Game

As confirmed earlier this week (along with a reveal of the book’s final cover) Fils-Aimé’s new book is entitled Disrupting The Game: From the Bronx to the top of Nintendo and will be published on the 3rd of May 2022. If you want a bit more info on what the book is about there is a good profile piece on it published here for USA Today. I can’t wait to learn more about what it was like working with Mr Iwata and what it took to lead Nintendo’s American branch through some times of pretty big changes from the GameCube, the highs of the Wii, the lows of the Wii U and the birth of the Switch. It must’ve been an exciting 15 years and ‘my body is ready’ to learn more.

Reggie New Book Coming May 2022

Looking for more Nintendo News? Check out yesterday’s post where we dive into Nintendo’s latest sales figures as the Switch was officially confirmed as Nintendo’s most successful home console ever.


February 3, 2022

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