Nintendo adds Missions & Rewards to Switch Online

March 1, 2022

Yesterday, you may have noticed something new when accessing Nintendo Switch Online services. There is a new Tab called “Missions & Rewards” when you log on. As with My Nintendo Rewards – where doing certain tasks like buying a game or responding to a survey may earn you Platinum points, now by completing weekly Missions using the Nintendo Switch Online service you may get these points too.

This week for example you can gain over 100 points by using any software (that supports online play), using the Save Data Cloud and playing the featured NES game Super Mario Bros. Then once you’ve claimed the points on the App you can use these to get some digital items like themed-wallpapers (or even physical items if you live in Europe or North America).

Mission Rewards to purchase Icon Elements

Along, with the new Switch Online Mission & Reward system, Nintendo also introduced Icon Elements. These are weekly frames, characters and backgrounds that can be purchased using the points you’ve earned to give your online profile pic a little more uniqueness. These are quite fun although the first themes are elements from Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Super Mario Odyssey. I love the latter in particular to I can’t complain too much – however, I know that Mario and Animal Crossing are probably two games we already have enough images from. That being said, the current batch of elements will only last until the fourth of March so we’ll soon have a new selection to choose from.

Mission Rewards Icon Elements

March 1, 2022

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