Nintendo Switch Online app gets big 2.0.0 update

March 7, 2022

If you happen to have the Nintendo Switch Online app installed on your mobile device, you may have noticed that it got a big update earlier today. As per the Apple App Store description the 2.0.0 update features:

・ The app’s overall design has been updated.

・ You can now see which of your friends are online.

・ You can change your online-status settings.

・ You can view your friend code.

・ Other minor changes have also been implemented.

I’ve got to say – I downloaded the App when it first launched and haven’t had much use for it since. Despite this, there are some game-specific functions (for titles like Splatoon 2 and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate) that are quiet useful. And this current update (finally) gives us a better way to share our friend codes. Unfortunately, as far as I can tell Voice Chat is still a bit of a convoluted system and so while this is a small step in the right direction, we’re hoping it’s just the first of many.

For more Nintendo News check out this week’s episode of TNG 1-Up 1-Down or visit our homepage.

March 7, 2022

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