Turning Red’s visuals inspired by Pokémon, EarthBound & BOTW

April 18, 2022

Pixar’s latest film Turning Red is about a young girl who turns into a Red Panda. We’re big fans of animated films and of Pixar in particular, however, we haven’t watched this one yet so can’t tell you too much more about the movie. However, of particular interest (as a Nintendo fan) is that the director of the movie is Domee Shi. And in a recent interview in The Washington Post, Shi spoke about how she has always had a love of anime and remembers ‘playing Nintendo games after her bedtime’ as a child. And it seems that love of Nintendo gaming even found its way into the new movie. Speaking about the visual look of Turning Red, Shi explained that both her and production designer Rona Liu’s were inspired by several Nintendo franchises…

Both of us just love that chunky cute aesthetic, and that was definitely fostered by playing Nintendo games, like ‘Pokémon,’ like ‘EarthBound… There’s just something so appealing about how they are able to stylize their world in such an appealing, chunky, cute kind of way. When we were looking at the looks development for our movie, we looked at ‘Breath of the Wild’ and were like, ‘Wow, how are they able to make the world feel so beautiful and rich but are still able to simplify it?’ ”

Domee Shi (The Washington Post)

Shi actually goes into more detail about her love of gaming and its influence on how ti influenced her childhood and the whole article is well worth a look.

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April 18, 2022

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