New Pokémon Scarlet/Violet trailer shows off Farigiraf, pictures & picnics

October 6, 2022

While we’re all sitting and waiting for the Super Mario Bros. Movie Direct later today, the Pokémon Company has decided to distract us with a 14-minute trailer for Pokémon Scarlet/Violet that dives into a few new features of the game and shows off a brand new evolution for Girafarig! The video is well worth a watch; you can check it out below. However, here are 4 of the best things we learned from the trailer…

1. Let’s Go Farigiraf!

Yes, Girafarig is able to evolve in the Paldea region. While we are generally fans of the design, the fact that the pocket monster (who had a head on its tail) now has two heads – the second of which it seems to wear like a hoodie is a little insane. Farigiraf is a  Normal/Psychic-type two new abilities Armor Tail and Cud Chew. On that note, you can also send your leading Pokémon off (in a Let’s-Go style move) allowing it to take on Pokémon in the overworld without starting off an official battle. This seems like a great way to avoid the weaker ‘mons later on – but I wonder how this will work when Shiny-hunting?

2. TM Machine & Extra customisation

This time around, you’ll have to craft your TMs using materials you’ll find along your travels Paldea. Hmm, not sure about how fun that will be. But, hey at least you’ll have even more options for customising your own look in the game.

3. Picnics and Photos 

Not only will special Tera Pokémon appear with a halo in the overworld making them easier to spot but if you get tired of adventuring you can stop along the way for a quick picnic. This not only allows you to let your Pokémon stretch their legs and play with a ball, but you’ll also be able to snap a quick selfie with your new friends and even increase their stats by crafting the perfect sandwich… Delicious… Wait, what’s that ham made of?!?



October 6, 2022

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