Rumour: Is 1-2-Switch getting a sequel?

February 7, 2022

It seems the rumour mill is in full swing this week (perhaps an even stronger indication that a Nintendo Direct is on the way?). Yesterday, we learned that a French retailer had seemingly accidentally leaked that the Batman Arkham Collection would be coming to the Switch. And today (according to VGC who first broke the story) 1-2-Switch, the strange party game that launched on the same day as the Switch itself, is supposedly getting a sequel. The news comes from this blog post from a ‘reliable’ (as per VGC) leaker who goes by the name Zippo.

What makes this a particularly strange decision (if true) is that while 1-2-Switch had some pretty interesting mini-games that showcased the Joy-Con’s unique capabilities it was widely considered a pretty shallow experience. And despite selling 3.18 million copies (as of 31 December 2019), it didn’t do that well critically. So, it is a bit odd that Nintendo would want to make a sequel. Of course, Nintendo prides itself in forging its own path and who knows – maybe Nintendo feels the Joy-Cons need a bit of a refresh or at least a reminder about what makes them unique and special and a more meaty 1-2-Switch sequel may fit the bill perfectly.

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February 7, 2022

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