Nintendo Direct announced for midnight!

February 8, 2022

If you watched Monday’s episode of 1-Up 1-Down, you’ll see we suspected Nintendo would soon be announcing a Direct. Nintendo has held a Direct (either a regular full-length version, an Indie World presentation or at least a single game showcase) in February every year since 2012 (except for 2018 for some reason) and in the past two years (2020 & 2021) we’ve actually seen a regular rhythm of major Directs hitting pretty consistently with one in February, one in the June/July E3-period and then another in September. And it looks like 2022 is following suit…

Late yesterday, Nintendo announced that we will be getting this year’s first Direct later today (well for us South Africans the live stream will be at midnight so technically ‘tomorrow’ morning). The Direct will be around 40-minutes long and will be ‘mainly focused on Nintendo Switch games launching in the first half of 2022’.

Nintendo Direct: What to Expect?

For that time frame, Nintendo will probably want to share more footage about Kirby And The Forgotten Land (25 March) and definitely Advance Ware 1+2: Re-Boot Camp (Autumn) soon. Triangle Strategy is also launching on the 4th of March (although we have gotten quite a few new trailers for that one recently). I’m also quite excited to see what else is announced though because there are probably a few games we don’t know about yet. And who knows, Splatoon 3 and maybe even the BOTW sequel may get a mention too.

You can tune in to watch it here.

Alternatively, if you’re not one for midnight live streams, check out later in the day for a full breakdown of the show.

February 8, 2022

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