Pokémon Presents broadcast announced for Sunday at 4pm

February 24, 2022

Earlier this week, we brought you the news that Pokémon would be celebrating their special Pokémon Day on Sunday the 27th of February (the anniversary of when the original Pokémon Red and Green was first released back in 1996). As part of the celebrations, we’ve had all sorts of Pokémon news trickling out each day. However, earlier today it was also confirmed that Sunday will feature a special Pokémon Presents broadcast (a kind of Pokémon-themed Direct)

Speculation about what will be shown is already lighting up social media – with most rumours circling around more information about Detective Pikachu 2, DLC for Legends: Arceus, something about Pokémon Sleep and possibly a sneak-peak type reveal at the next mainline game. Will any of these predictions be right? Tune in to find out – the show will last around 14 minutes and will be at 4 pm local time.

February 24, 2022

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