Kirby Review Roundup + First hour gameplay Stream this Saturday

March 24, 2022

Tomorrow is the 25th of March and for Nintendo fans, that means good news. Why? Well, the much anticipated Kirby and the Forgotten Land officially launches tomorrow and that means you’ll be able to download and play it. While this time around we did not get the game pre-launch, you can expect our review in the coming weeks. Pre-launch reviews did, however, start appearing yesterday and so far the game seems to be getting almost universal praise. If you’re still on the fence be sure to check out the review roundup below or join us on Saturday at 4 PM for a first-hour co-op gameplay stream where you can feel free to watch the game as well as ask us any questions. Join our Discord channel here to watch and chat with us. (Reminder: We always suggest reading the full review rather than just making assumptions based on the score and one-paragraph summary – so please click the links to head to the full articles).

Metascore: 85 (65 Critic Reviews)

Glitched – Score: 8.5/10

Kirby’s best adventure yet. Kirby goes 3D and it is awesome! Reviewed by: Marco Cocomello

Hypertext – Score: 9/10

Its wholesome and borderline saccharine-sweet aesthetic at times complements an incredibly fun game that can be played both solo or co-operatively. This is the perfect addition to anyone’s Nintendo Switch library and we highly recommend picking it up if you can. Reviewed by Sahil Lala

IGN – Score: 8/10

Kirby and the Forgotten Land successfully warps the series’ already fun mix of ability-based combat, platforming, and secret hunting into the third dimension. Reviewed by: Tom Marks

Game Informer – Score: 9/10

Kirby and the Forgotten Land is great and should not be missed for Kirby and platforming fans alike. This isn’t quite the pink puff’s rendition of Super Mario 64, but it brings the series successfully into the 3D realm and doesn’t need to rely solely on its latest entertaining gimmick. Reviewed by: John Carson

Eurogamer – ‘Recommended’

Kirby’s long-anticipated move to 3D platforming sees the series step up to a new level of invention and wonder. Reviewed by Martin Robinson

Polygon – Unscored

Every time Kirby and the Forgotten Land showed me something new, I loved it. I smiled from ear to ear the first time I watched Kirby become a traffic cone, or throw his gob over a water tower… But Kirby and the Forgotten Land burns too brightly, too soon, and that initial joy was hard to recall by the time the credits rolled. Reviewed by Ryan Gilliam

My Nintendo News – Score: 9.5/10

Kirby and the Forgotten Land isn’t just a mere leap into the third dimension, but more of a behemoth pole vault. It packs a massive punch for 3D-platformer fans, and has the same level of excellence, polish, and charm as a mainline Mario title. Reviewed by: nintendojam

The Verge – Unscored

There’s a cotton candy allegory to be drawn here. Much like the carnival confection, Kirby is fluffy, cute, pink, and very sweet. It looks attractive and is so very fun to eat but the minute you put it in your mouth it dissolves. Gone so quickly, you barely noticed it was there. That’s what it’s like playing Kirby and The Forgotten Land; fun for the moment, but lacking any real substance. And that’s okay! Kirby and the Forgotten Land’s surgically deployed cuteness is more than enough to outstrip its relative emptiness. Reviewed by: Ash Parrish

If Kirby just isn’t your thing here’s a list of what else is coming to the Nintendo Switch this year.

March 24, 2022

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