TNG’s 1-Up 1-Down Weekly News Show – Episode 12

April 24, 2022

Did you miss out on the big Nintendo news stories last week? Do you want to know what’s coming up this week? And most importantly, would you prefer to watch a short meme-filled video instead of reading walls of text? Well, do we have some great news for you! This is your weekly news catch-up video series called:


Every Monday we’ll give you a short (a-couple-of-minutes-long) video summarising the major Nintendo events from the week just gone by and let you know what will be happening over the next couple of days. The news will focus on Nintendo Switch games, news, updates and the like and we’ll also try to spotlight Indie games too. Plus, we’ll try to always provide a little South African flavour and specifically mention any SA-specific factors that will be of interest to local gamers.

So without further ado – please check out Episode 12 below…

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April 24, 2022

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