Highlights from Nintendo’s latest Financial & Sales update

May 10, 2022

Earlier today Nintendo held its regular financial update. Of course, dealing with numbers and figures isn’t the most exciting topic for most of us – however, during this update, Nintendo also reveals their latest official sales figures for hardware and software, and so there are always some interesting tidbits to look out for… So, with that in mind, here are a few highlights:

Hardware: Nintendo Switch continues to sell

Yup, as can be seen from the figure above, the Nintendo Switch continues to sell really well. Back in February it already became Nintendo’s best-selling home console of all time and it’s well on course to overtake the PS4 sales (especially if the ‘Switch 2’ continues to be just a figment of our imagination).

Software: Dread is now best-selling Metroid ever

This one has seen a bit of a mixed reaction online. Metroid Dread sales were revealed as sitting at 2.9 Million. While some were hoping for figures to already be at the 3.5 – 4 Million, this already makes Dread the best-selling Metroid ever. And with the release of Prime 4 and rumours or remakes continuing to surface – perhaps there are still more sales on the horizon.

Software: Pokémon Gotta sell ’em all!

Pokémon Shining Pearl/Brilliant Diamond have now 14.6 million units while Pokémon Legends: Arceus (in only around 2 months) sold 12.6 million units. The latter is particularly impressive considering there’s only one version of the game (unlike most modern games in the series). Also, combined this means almost 28 Million copies of Pokémon games have been sold over just the last few months. And we have Violet/Scarlet due later this year too!

Software: Kirby sold 2.6m in just over a week

We loved a lot about Kirby and the Forgotten Land and it seems the rest of the world agrees. The sales figures considered for this report only covered about a week (or maybe two weeks) from the time the game launched and staggeringly revealed that 2.6 million units had already been sold!

In other news, Nintendo also confirmed that Bayonetta 3 is still due to be released this year.

Source: https://www.nintendo.co.jp/ir/en/finance/hard_soft/index.html

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May 10, 2022

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