May 22 Indie World Showcase Recap

May 11, 2022

2022’s first Indie World Showcase highlighted a series of great Indie titles coming to the Switch. Despite the fun lineup – many will no doubt be sad that several of the ‘hoped-for titles’ (like Silksong and Sports Story) were conspicuously missing. That being said there are a several fun, weird and wonderful titles to look forward to and in case you missed the show, here are all the games announced plus their trailers (when available):


Farming, cute-weird Bugsnax-like creatures that grow out of your veggie patch, a bright friendly colour palette and insane dance battles… yes, Ooblets is coming to the Switch in Summer (Northern Hemisphere).

Batora: Lost Haven

Team 17 and Stormind Games bring us ‘colourful and mesmerising planets in this fast-paced action RPG’. Available in Autumn (Northern Hemisphere).


A fun little 2D puzzle platformer that started out as a NamaTakahashi’s entry in a game contest as a student. It is now a full-fledged title with simple intuitive controls – think BoxBoy but with a Robot named Elec in the starring role. Coming to the Switch this Summer (Northern Hemisphere).


A rhythm SP or co-op dungeon-crawler where you battle to save the world of Symphonia as a Guardian of Harmony. Levels and enemies are dynamically generated from the music – and with over 140 songs to choose from you’ll soon be shooting and dancing your way to victory. Timing your attackers to the music increases their effect and you can choose from 5 different heroes to control. Available today!


Chucklefish and Deadpan Games want you to ‘weather the snowstorm’ in this tactical roguelike deck builder. Available this holiday.

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator (TABS)

The game that started out trying to emulate ‘the feeling you get from playing with your action figures as a kid’ and has now added some strategy and fighting elements – to produce a wonderfully ‘wobbly’ experience. TABS is coming to the Switch (with online multiplayer functionality) this Summer (Northern Hemisphere).


From the creators of Gato Roboto. their-punk action-adventure Gunbrella slides, blasts and floats in… bringing a dark world of pixelated revenge with it. Gunbrella shoots onto the Nintendo Switch (giving off some serious Spelunky-vibes) in 2023.

We Are OFK

Musical narrative game from Indie Pop band OFK, features new weekly episodes set in downtown LA and promises an emotional rollercoaster of a story with a full voice cast. Available this Summer (Northern Hemisphere).


Bristol UK-based fully-remote dev team, Spiral Circus, bring their love for surrealist art in this hand-drawn monochrome underwater puzzle adventure where you take control of an array of strange oceanic creatures. Available June.

Mini Motorways

Draw and build roads to solve a city’s traffic congestion problems on maps inspired by real-life places. Plus, daily and weekly challenges. Available today!

Wayward Strand

A heartfelt narrative adventure that takes place on a floating hospital set in rural Australia in the 1970s. Accompany a young intrepid journalist and uncover stories which happen in real-time (and at the same time). This means you’ll have to choose which threads to follow and need multiple playthroughs to experience all storylines and events. Available 21 July.

Cult of the Lamb

An Action-adventure game with a randomly generated world of creepy animal followers. Available this year.

Another Acrab’s Treasure

A brand new SoulsShellsLike! Yup, a fun-looking but apparently quite tough 3D action-adventure where you play as a lowly but brave little red crab as they don a range of shells. Available 2023.

Final Segment – Quick Game Sneak Peek

A range of more Indie games coming to the Switch:

  • OneShot: World Machine Edition
  • Gibbon: Beyond the Trees
  • Idol Manager
  • Card Shark
  • Cursed to Golf
  • A Guidebook of Babel
  • OPUS: Echo of Starson – Full Bloom Edition

For more Nintendo news be sure to check out the latest episode of our bite-sized weekly video series 1-Up 1-Down.

May 11, 2022

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