Update: Mario Strikers Battle League gets new gameplay trailer

May 12, 2022

Update: The English version became available today so be sure to check it out below!

Original Article: On Friday (6th May) we got a new trailer for the upcoming Mario Strikers: Battle League. Somewhat unusually, the trailer has been released on Nintendo’s Japanese channel and so we haven’t yet got an English version (we’ll try to link the English version as soon as it becomes available). That being said, even if (like me) your Japanese is a little rusty, there are still lots of revelations you can glean from the video. Check it out below:

It seems the upcoming arcade football game from the Next Level Games team will feature 5 vs 5matches – and while this isn’t necessarily the final roster, only 10 characters were revealed which you can choose from to fill the 4-player team (GK is not a selectable character). This has already sent some parts of the internet into spirals of despair especially with some fan favourites like Daisy seemingly missing out. The trailer also showed off some more of the ‘hyperstrike’ abilities, madcap item use and unique stadiums that matches will take place on. And we even get a look at some of how the online and local multiplayer will work.

I for one am super excited for this one and can’t wait for the 10 June release date, In the meantime, be sure to check out the Japanese website for the game (here) which includes some awesome new artwork (like the one used for our header image above).

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May 12, 2022

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