Daisy, Shy Guy & more coming to Mario Strikers Battle League

July 19, 2022

We recently reviewed Mario Strikers: Battle League and barring the lack of single-player content and a few other tiny niggles we really enjoyed the tremendous multiplayer-focussed arcadey football mayhem (check out our full review here). However, we do know that many fans were disappointed with the starting roster and particularly the fact that Daisy was not included. Well. we have good news for you! Earlier today Nintendo revealed that the first update will be coming to the game and, you guessed it, Daisy will be included.

However, that’s not all… the new update will also include Shy Guy as an additional playable character, as well as a new gear set and a new stadium! However, in what will likely be the best news – the update is free and will be available later this week (21 July 2022)! For a breakdown of all you can look forward to, check out the trailer below:

July 19, 2022

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