Nintendo Switch Sports gets first big update

July 27, 2022

Earlier today, Nintendo Switch Sports got its first big update. The headline update (pictured above) now allows you to use the Joy-Cons and Leg Strap during the 4v4 and 1v1 football matches. However, that’s not all Volleyball also gets a bit of an upgrade with new moves – the ‘Slide Attack’ and ‘Rocket Serve’. Along with those changes, the online gameplay received two new league levels. The best Switch Sports players can now aim to hit S and even ∞ Ranks in the Pro League. Check out the full details in the tweet below…

And talking about Nintendo Switch Sports – have you heard about the competition the local Nintendo Distributor team has set up? If not, check out the details here… And be sure to sign up for our Volleyball tournament this Saturday (30 July).

July 27, 2022

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