Princess Peach coming to the LEGO Super Mario set in August

March 10, 2022

After a few leaked images surfaced earlier this week, today Nintendo and LEGO confirmed that yes indeed Princess Peach will be added to the LEGO Super Mario roster later this year. After Mario himself, and his faithful brother Luigi, it’s Peach that will be the getting the interactive figure treatment with LEGO confirming that (at least in North America) she would be hitting store shelves in August 2022.

As with previous releases (and show off in some of the leaked images) the new site also confirms that Peach will also launch with an accompanying character set. Which this time around looks like it will include a pretty epic Castle, Toads and Ludwig von Koopa to mention but a few.

LEGO Peach Castle

Image Courtesy: LEGO


Be sure to catch our Chocobo GP stream on Saturday and for more Nintendo News check out this week’s episode of TNG 1-Up 1-Down.


March 10, 2022

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