Nintendo Switch Update 14.1.0 & Splatoon 2 Rewards for April

April 5, 2022

If you turn on your Switch today you may notice that a new update is available. Update 14.1.0 is a relatively small one, bringing only one major change – the ability to toggle Platinum Point Notifications in Notifications in System Settings. Check out the detailed breakdown of the update from the Nintendo Site at the end of the article.

Missions & Rewards

In other news, last month Nintendo added Missions & Rewards to Switch Online. And now, with April already upon us there’s not only a new list of missions to undertake, but this time around (as you can see from the header image) you’ll be able to purchase some updated Animal Crossing: New Horizon icons as well as a brand new list of profile icons from Splatoon 2. Check out the site here for more info.

For more Nintendo news check out the latest episode of 1-Up 1-Down and check out our list of Nintendo Switch April releases.


Ver. 14.1.0 (Released April 4, 2022)

“Platinum Point Notification Settings” has been added under Notifications in System Settings.

  • Unclaimed Platinum Points earned from completing Nintendo Switch Online missions on your Nintendo Switch system will generate notifications.
  • Setting these notifications to OFF will hide the notification sent when there are unclaimed Platinum Points.
April 5, 2022

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