Discovery of patents remind us the Mario Movie is not far away

June 6, 2022

Back in April, we got the (somewhat) sad news that the Super Mario Movie had been delayed. I think, by now, we’ve all seen that Miyamoto quote many times and understand that (like a game) a delayed movie is not necessarily a bad thing. However, moving it from the immensely popular end of year holiday period (originally due to release in December 2022) must not have been an easy decision and definitely gives the impression that the movie had some significant issues. That being said, I’m actually hoping the recent success of the game-to-movie adaptations (especially those starring Sonic) actually bode well for the Mario movie and I’m still rather excited…

And while the movie is still due many months from now (April 2023), news early today reminded us that it’s well underway. As spotted by Twitter user MichaelO2k, Nintendo recently filed copyrights for the entities that will be involved with producing the movie. The standout names being: “Nintendo Studios, LLC and M Brothers Productions, LLC”.

According to those in the know (and social media), this is probably just standard practice when getting ready to release a new game, but there are some hopefuls that have indicated that it could also hint and more Nintendo movies will be released in the future… either way I’m just happy this release date is getting closer. And with today being the 6th of June and assuming that Nintendo will soon be announcing their next Direct – could we even be getting a teaser trailer this month? This Mario fan hopes so!

June 6, 2022

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