Pokémon Go has now made $6 Billion in revenue

June 6, 2022

Over the years Nintendo has had several games or bits of hardware that have become cultural icons. The NES and SNES were worldwide successes… as was the Wii, and the Switch is definitely hitting those marks. On the software side of things, it’s hard to find anyone who doesn’t know (or at least has heard of) Super Mario Bros or The Legend of Zelda. However, in 2016 Nintendo and their Pokémon company partners (along with Niantic) launched Pokémon Go. And it really became a phenomenon. Around the world, people were flocking in great human herds to new areas and flashing their mobile devices (often with no regard to what was happening in the real world around them) at random bits of nature to catch that elusive Ekans or Electrode. And now six years on – you can understand why they keep the game going…

According to Sensortower.com (via Nintendo Life) the game “has surpassed $6 billion in global lifetime player spending across the App Store and Google Play”. That’s revenue of around $1 billion (or around R15.5 million) per year since its creation! It’s a simply staggering number – and continued proof that Pokémon is a behemoth of a property for Nintendo.

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June 6, 2022

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