Here’s everything you missed from yesterday’s Sonic Central

June 7, 2022

Yesterday (07 June) we got another short but punchy Sonic Central video showcase highlighting all the upcoming projects the Sonic team is working on. Although there weren’t any huge surprises there were a few sneak peeks at already announced projects and a collection of Sonic-themed collaborations. The show ran for just over 10 minutes so it’s probably worth just checking out yourself (video below). However, here’s a quick recap of the highlights:

Sonic Origins – New Trailer

Chemical Plant World coming to Roblox

Sonic Forces & Sonic Dash new content

Sonic Prime sneak peek

Sonic 2 Movie Blu-Ray coming August 9 (includes new digital short)

Sonic product collabs – Energy drinks, art, figurines, clothes and more

Sonic Symphony going on Tour

Fall Guys getting more Sonic

Sonic Frontiers Prologue reveal and more gameplay on IGN

As you can tell it was a busy 10 minutes – for details be sure to check out the full video below…

June 7, 2022

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