Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes gets new demo – available now

June 9, 2022

With Mario Strikers: Battle League launching tomorrow it’s understandable that much of Nintendo’s marketing push is directed towards the arcadey soccer title. That being said, we know there are many fans out there that prefer an action RPG to a sports title and Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes (launching later this month – 24 June) therefore has many people understandably excited! And if that’s you, we have some good news… Yesterday, Nintendo announced that Three Hopes has a free demo which you can try out right now!

According to the official press release:

In the demo, players take on the role of a lone mercenary on a quest for answers after suffering a brutal defeat at the hands of the Ashen Demon. Joining Edelgard, Dimitri, Claude and other Fire Emblem: Three Houses characters, they can lead their companions in real-time, large-scale battles that blend the strategy of the Fire Emblem series with action-packed Warriors-style gameplay.


Flashy combos and powerful special abilities can be employed against hordes of enemies in the demo – from the beginning of the game through the first three chapters. Those taking command of the battlefield and using tactical know-how will gain the upper hand… Progress can be carried over to the full game when it launches

Check out the official site for more info or head to the eShop to download the demo now.

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June 9, 2022

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