Triangle Strategy gets a second Character & Story Trailer

January 26, 2022

Fans of tactical RPGs or Square Enix’s dramatic HD-2D aesthetic (first seen in Octopath Traveller) are no doubt keen to learn more about Triangle Strategy. The launch is happening relatively soon, on 4 March  2022, and there has definitely been an uptick in footage and information on the new game coming from Nintendo over the last month or so. And yesterday, we got the second character and story trailer – this time focussing on Frederica Aesfrost. Watch it below:

Triangle Strategy 2nd Character and Story Trailer: Frederica Aesfrost

To be honest, the whole ‘Quietus Cards’ described in the trailer confused and even scare me a little. That being said, it’s clear that there will some tough choices to make and a deep story to explore and I know lovers of the genre generally seem to be very excited about just about everything ‘Triangle Strategy‘ despite the weirdly dull name (which I’m pretty sure started out as a placeholder that someone just forgot to update). So, if you’re a fan be sure to keep your eyes on The Nintendo Gamer for more news and updates.

Frederica Aesfrost Character & Story Trailer

March is going to be a pretty busy month for Nintendo with Kirby And The Forgotten Land launching on the 25th.

January 26, 2022

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