Nintendo Pictures is now official

October 3, 2022

Back in July 2022, you may have heard that Nintendo had acquired Dynamo Pictures. Don’t worry if you didn’t though, as the acquisition did go a little under the radar. The major reason is that Dynamo Pictures isn’t involved in making video games – at least not directly. As their name suggests, they are actually involved in more of the CG aspects of film/animation/anime. However, they have worked closely with Nintendo in the past – being involved in making the Pikmin Shorts as well as the CG cutscenes for Metroid: Other M.

With Nintendo’s venture into film, theme parks and more it makes sense that they tightened up this relationship and hence the acquisition. Earlier today (3 October) the purchase was finalised and not only did we get a new logo and (now) an official new name for the Nintendo Subsidiary – Nintendo Pictures, but we also got a Japanese website and confirmation that the division will be responsible for…

Video production using Nintendo IP and provision of motion capture recording services…

It’s also interesting to note that Mr Yoshiaki Koizumi (senior executive officer at Nintendo and now one of the most important figures in games in the Mario and Zelda series) is now also a member of the board of directors of the new company.

On the movie front, remember that the upcoming Super Mario Bros movie is months away and we should be getting a teaser trailer later this month (6 October) at the New York ComicCon.

October 3, 2022

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